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Clomid For Men

Clomid (clomiphene citrate) can be used for women diagnosed with infertility; it works by stimulating ovulation. This medicine is often prescribed for females with irregular cycles that prevent them from getting pregnant. This is an alternative to the very expensive invasive fertility treatment. With Clomid you need to follow your doctor's directions precisely as every health care provider has different recommendations concerning your dosing schedule. Clomid is taken in cycles, for 5 days - either days 3 to 7 or days 5 through 9. Your doctor will decide on which cycle day you should start your treatment.

The usual dose of Clomid is 50 mg. This dosage is usually efficient, but if it doesn't work for you the dosage may be adjusted. However, you must not adjust the dose yourself. Some of the mild side effects you can experience include mood swings, hot flashes, nausea and breast tenderness. You do not need to worry about them unless they persist or bother you. Some conditions you have can interfere with the treatment, including body mass index of over 25, insulin resistance, hyperprolactinemia and some others. Your doctor can prescribe another medicine to be combined with Clomid and increase its efficiency.

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